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Incorporation &
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Why Choose us?

  • Are you planning to start a new business but don’t know where to get started?
  • Are you having problems in keeping a timely and accurate set of accounts? Or
  • Are you having issues in complying with the relevant statutory requirements for your company? Or
  • Are you having difficulties with your Tax submissions with IRAS?

If any of your answers is YES, then we are definitely the company you should talk to.

At Timcole, we strive to manage all the the mundane and administrative part of your business, so that you can focus of growing your business with the peace in mind.

No matter whether you are just at the beginning phase of starting a new business, or you are already at the end of your business lifecycle, Timcole will always be there to serve your business needs from cradel to grave.

Serving your Business Needs from “Cradle to Grave”


Before you Begin

  • Comparison of different form of businesses
  • Why Setup a Company in Singapore?
  • Foreign Company Set-up options
  • Should I buy over a Company Shell?
  • Can I be the sole director of a Company?
  • Why do I need a good Company Secretary?
  • Choosing the right company name
  • Which bank is most suitable for me?

A BABY is born!

  • Basic Incorporation Guidelines
  • Singapore Business License
  • Singapore Company Incorporation
  • Appointing someone as your Nominee Director
  • Appointing someone as your Nominee Shareholder
  • Is it necessary to customise the Company Constitution?
  • Virtual Office Services
  • Is it useful to have a Corporate Credit Card?
  • Renting an office
  • Annual Company Filling with ACRA
  • Annual Tax Filing with IRAS.

Infancy Stage

  • Employing a Foreigner in Singapore
  • Suggested Insurance Policies for your company
  • Company Grants available for SMEs
  • Loan options available for SMEs
  • Do you need proper Book-keeping Services?
  • Suggested Cloud Services for SMEs.
  • Do you need outsourced payroll services?
  • Paying taxes for your company?
  • Building a strong online presence and your corporate website

Growth Stage

  • Proper Tax Planning for your business.
  • Do you need to prepare Group / Consolidated Accounts?
  • When is it compulsory to do auditing for my company?
  • International Expansion
  • How to be ranked on Google’s 1st Page
  • Trademarks and Patents
  • Company Mergers & Acquisition
  • Crowd-funding services
  • Listing your company

Retirement Stage

  • Ceasing operations for your business
  • Making your company dormant?
  • Striking off your company
  • Company Liquidation – Voluntary or Compulsory?
  • Selling away your business or company.
  • Business Valuation Services
  • Legacy Planning
  • Setting up a Will
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Why Choose Timcole

We Understand Your Business Pain-Points

We know how difficult it is to set-up and run your business in Singapore. Thus, we are here to alleviate some of the pains of running your back-office functions, so that you focus on what you do best – growing your business!

You make the money, we take care of your household chores!

Affordable & Cost-Effective Services

At Timcole, we strive to offer the most affordable and competitive rates to our valued clients, while at the same time, while maintaining the same highest quality of work.

We cut the best deal for you, WITHOUT cutting corners on our deliverables to you!

No Surprises, No hidden Cost

At Timcole, we strive to be as transparent and objective in terms of our fees chargeable to you. We believe in offering our clients a fixed nett fee, so there will be NO hidden cost or fine-prints to surprise you.

No Gimmicks! No Bullshit! No Hidden-Cost!

One-Stop Solution for Your Business

As our founders themselves are also seasoned businessmen, our work with you is NOT limited to just accounting-related services. We can also provide advisory in other areas such as business operation and IT solutions.

We act as a one-stop shop for all your back-office service needs!

Your Long-term Business Partner

At Timcole, many of our clients stay with us for many years and we have a very low attrition rate. No matter whether you have just started your business, or you are about to go public with your company, rest assured we are your long-term business partner that grows together with you.

We partner with you for Long Term Success!

Special Promotional Package

one-time fee of SGD588** (Nett)

This Package includes the following:

  • Payment of professional fees for the company incorporation
  • ACRA company name check and reservation worth S$15
  • ACRA incorporation fee worth S$300
  • FREE 6 months corporate secretary services worth $240 per annum
    • Acting as your Company Secretary
    • Update and maintain Company’s statutory registers
    • Advise client of their date of annual general meeting
    • Prepare notices, agendas and minutes of annual general meeting
    • Prepare exempt certificates for filling of annual return
  • FREE one Company Stamp worth $18
  • FREE standard Constitution (formerly known as Memorandum & Articles of Association)
  • FREE first board resolutions
  • FREE issuance of share certificates (Up to 3 Shareholders)
  • FREE business profile
  • FREE resolution to open a company bank account
  • FREE advisory on compliance requirements
  • FREE tax planning and GST advice
  • FREE Preparation of minutes of Annual General Meeting (AGM)


Our Relations with Banks

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