Routine Secretarial Services / Corporate Secretarial Services

In accordance to the Companies Act, every business owner who incorporates their company in Singapore is required to appoint a company secretary within 6 months of incorporation. A company secretary must meet certain criteria including being a natural person with a local residence in Singapore.

Company Secretary Plans

Fee Guideline for Professional Routine Secretarial / Corporate Secretarial Service

When you engage Timcole as your Corporate Secretary, you will be charged with a Basic Annual Retainer Fee from SGD199 that covers the following routine work:

  • Acting as your qualified company secretary
  • Safeguarding of the Company Common Seal, if any
  • Reminding you of the various dates for statutory compliance
  • Safekeeping and maintaining the Company’s statutory registers
  • Prepare notices, agendas and minutes of AGM
    • Notices for AGM (Assuming no physical AGM is required)
    • Standard Minutes of Meeting for AGM
    • Consent of Shorter Notice (If required)
  • Preparation of Exempt Certificates
  • Advisory on Corporate Compliance Matters

*If the client requires us to prepare the Filing of Annual Return or Financial Report for Annual Filing, additional charges may apply.

Plans We Offer for Professional Routine Secretarial / Corporate Secretarial Service

Digital Plan Premium Plan
Fees Structure
Base Fee

  • Annual Named Secretary
  • Maintain Company Register
  • Compliance Advisory and reminders
  • Prepare AGM documents.
$199 Per Annum $660 Per Annum
Add-on Fees

  • 4 – 6 Shareholders
  • 7 Shareholders or more

+ $100

Call for Quote


+ $200

Call for Quote

Annual Return Filing
(include $60 Govt Fees)
+ $200
Non-routine Service Requests
(Per Transaction)
$50 – $100 $100 – $200
Communication Channels
Pocket Secretary (Mobile App) to raise any service request
Email, Whatsapp & Phone Enquiries General Line Private Line
Service Request (via Non-digital Way) Manual Surcharge Fees apply
Standard Support Hours
(930- 530pm, Mon to Fri, excluding PH)
Extended Non-business hour Support

(For Urgent Matters only)

Account Management
Competency of Secretary Staff Junior – Mid-level Mid – Senior level
Dedicated Client Account Manager
Credit Payment Terms

(for ad-hoc service requests)

Document Signatory
e-Signature (via our Secretary App or Hello-Sign)
Traditional paper-based Signature
Service Level Agreement
Targeted Response Time

(upon receiving official service request)

Within 2 Working Days Within 1 Working Day
Targeted Completion Time Within 2 – 5 Working Days Within 1 – 3 Working Days

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