Why Choose Timcole

We Understand Your Business Pain-Points

We know how difficult it is to set-up and run your business in Singapore, especially if it’s your first time doing business and you are an SME.

  • Planning to start a new business but don’t know how to get started?
  • Can’t afford to hire a full-time accountant to handle your company’s account?
  • Getting warning letters/penalties for NOT complying with the statutory requirements?
  • Oops….. when is my company’s tax filing due?

Well, the list can go on and one.  If any of your answers for the above question is “Yes”, then we are here to work.

Our job is to alleviate some of the pains of running your back-office functions, so that you focus on what you do best – growing your business!  It’s like buying insurance, we want you to have the peace of mind, and be able to sleep well!

You make the money, we take care of your household chores!

Affordable & Cost-Effective Services

At Timcole, we strive to offer the most affordable and competitive rates to our valued clients, while at the same time, while maintaining the same highest quality of work.

While we cannot claim that we are the cheapest in the market, we do benchmark our price from time to time, in order to ensure that our rates are always below the median price range within the market.

We cut the best deal for you, WITHOUT cutting corners on our deliverables to you!

No Surprises, No hidden Cost

No one likes to hear surprises and hidden costs.

At Timcole, we strive to be as transparent and objective in terms of our fees chargeable to you. We believe in offering our clients a fixed nett fee, so there will be NO hidden cost or fine-prints to surprise you.  And if there is a upward adjustment to the fees or expenses payable by you, we make sure we will inform you in advanced before proceeding with any work.

No Gimmicks! No Bullshit! No Hidden-Cost!

One-Stop Solution for Your Business

As our founders themselves are also seasoned businessmen, our work with you is NOT limited to just accounting-related services. In most cases, we also help our clients (with or without extra fees) to provide them with advisory in areas such as

  • Assisting our clients in tapping on various government grants and claims
  • Assisting our clients in achieve better operation efficiency
  • Advisory on Technology, Software and other IT solution to increase productivity.
  • Advising our clients on International Expansion, Mergers and Acquisition, Business Valuation, etc.

We act as a One-stop shop for all your back-office service needs!

Your Long-term Business Partner

No matter whether you have just started your business, or you are about to go public with your company, rest assured we are your long-term business partner that grows together with you.

Many of our clients stay with us for many years and we have a very low attrition rate. In fact, we have develop mutual trust and strong friendship with many of our valued clients – not just a pure supplier and client relationship anymore!

Please click here to browse through the services we offer at various stages of your business.

We partner with you for Long Term Success!

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