Company Secretarial Services in Singapore

From $149.50

VIP Secretary Service
$598 / year

Suitable for SMEs who are looking for premium service with a human touch.

  • Provision of a Named Secretary for your Company
  • Assignment of a Customer Account Manager for direct communication
  • Maintaining Company Register and Minute Books
  • Preparation of AGM Documents when due and applicable
  • Perform Annual Return Filing (includes $60 ACRA fees)
  • Advisory on Corporate Secretarial compliance matters
  • Reminder of your filing due dates
  • Better Service Level Agreement (SLA) Terms

Digital Secretary Service
$199 / year | $299 / 2 years

Ideal for small businesses looking for a cost-effective Digital Service Plan

  • Provision of a Named Secretary for your Company
  • Maintaining Company Register (Via our Cloud Storage)
  • Preparation of AGM Documents when due and applicable
  • Advisory on Corporate Secretarial compliance matters
  • System Reminder on your filing due dates
Add-Ons to the Secretarial Package
Annual Return Filing Services  + $200 per FY
(include $60 ACRA fee)
Non-Share Related Changes  + $50 per change
Share Related Changes  + $100 ~ $200 per change
CorpPass + CPF Registration  + $100 (one-time fee)

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The Importance of a Corporate Secretary

A corporate secretary is considered an officer in the company.

A secretary’s responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring the company operates smoothly in compliance with Singaporean laws and protocols
  • Preventing any violations of established rules and regulations

The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) relies on the secretary for any secretarial inquiries pertaining to the company. Hence, the expertise of a professional secretarial service consultant is indispensable.

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If you’re already working with another Company Secretary, there’s no need to fret. We’ll manage the transition from your current secretary to us for FREE.

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    Secretarial Services That We Offer

    Timcole offers professional corporate secretarial services to businesses of all types and sizes in Singapore. Our team comprises highly skilled and seasoned professional secretaries adept at managing various company structures, from startups to multinational enterprises. We manage every facet of the secretarial role, allowing you to allocate time and resources efficiently for seamless company operations.

    Handling company activities
    Ensuring rule reminders
    Board and general meetings
    Management of shares

    Our Services

    We dedicate all our resources to meticulously maintaining your company’s vital documentation. Our services are thorough, ensuring nothing escapes our attention, no matter how intricate your company’s affairs may be.

    We handle the filing and upkeep of various documentation, including:

    • Minute books and statutory register books
    • Records of share transfers, managers, directors, board members, secretaries, and auditors
    • Preparation and submission of directors’ reports
    • Secure storage and proper utilization of the company’s seal
    • Monitoring developments in corporate governance
    • Providing guidance to directors regarding their duties and obligations

    Our secretarial services and managerial expertise surpass those of any in-house resources, and we remain consistently updated on new regulatory developments.

    Sample Documents

    directors report
    directors report
    Minute books and statutory register books
    statutory register books
    Share transfers
    Share transfers
    company seal
    company seal
    corporate governance
    corporate governance

    What is a corporate secretary?

    A corporate secretary is an officer of your company who is responsible for making sure your company adheres to all the regulatory requirements set by ACRA and IRAS. He/She also acts as an advisor to the board of directors and senior management.

    Is a company secretary necessary in Singapore?

    Yes, as per the Singapore Companies Act, every company that is incorporated in Singapore needs to appoint a company secretary within 6 months of its incorporation.

    Is the company secretary an officer of the company?

    Yes, ACRA recognizes a company secretary to be an officer of the company.

    Can I be a corporate secretary myself?

    If you’re the sole director of your company, you’re unable to fulfil the role of corporate secretary, regardless of your qualifications or experience. However, you can assume the position of corporate secretary if there are multiple directors within your company.”

    When should we appoint a company secretary?

    It’s essential to appoint a company secretary within six months from your company’s date of incorporation. Additionally, it’s crucial to ensure the position of company secretary is not left vacant for more than six months.

    Does a Singapore branch office need to appoint a company secretary?

    No, appointing a company secretary for a Singapore branch office is not obligatory. However, it is recommended to engage a registered filing agent – such as a law firm, accounting firm, or corporate secretarial firm – to handle the online registration application on behalf of the foreign company during the branch registration process.

    What are the powers of a company secretary in Singapore?

    In Singapore, company secretaries are empowered to authenticate the company’s documents and board meeting minutes. They also possess the authority to utilize the company seal for certifying official documents alongside a director. Additionally, they serve as advisors to the board of directors on legal and financial matters.

    Can my secretary help me open a corporate bank account?

    Indeed, your corporate secretary can aid in opening a corporate bank account. Most banks require certain documents for account opening, which must be certified as true copies by the company secretary or one of the company’s directors. In cases where you are the sole director, some banks may necessitate the company secretary to co-sign the documents.

    Can my secretary provide registered address services?

    Absolutely! Whether you reside in Singapore or not, you can utilize the address provided by the company secretary as your registered office address. This is a great option to save rent as well as to ensure all your important letters are read and the necessary actions are taken on time.

    Can my secretary provide nominee director services?

    Certainly! Many companies offering company secretary services also extend nominee director services. If you are a foreigner who wants to incorporate a business in Singapore, you mandatorily have to appoint an ordinary resident director. A nominee director has to be a Singapore citizen, a permanent resident, or a holder of one of Singapore’s valid work permits.

    Can my secretary provide nominee shareholder services?

    Yes, if confidentiality is a concern, your company secretary provider can also extend nominee shareholder services. There’s no nationality requirement for shareholders, as Singapore allows 100% foreign-owned companies.

    Why outsource your corporate secretarial services?

    Outsourcing to corporate secretaries ensures a comprehensive understanding of ACRA regulations and statutory obligations. By entrusting these responsibilities to professionals, you can:

    • Ensure timely compliance with statutory requirements
    • Save valuable time
    • Focus on core business operations
    • Easily access additional services

    How do I terminate the services of our company secretary?

    The preferred method is to request resignation from the company secretary. If cooperation isn’t forthcoming, the board can pass a resolution to terminate their services. Following the resolution, ACRA must be notified within 14 days. While a resignation letter isn’t mandatory, it’s advisable for clarity.

    Who can be a company secretary in Singapore?

    Any person who meets the following criteria can be a company secretary in Singapore:

    • A natural person
    • 18 years of age or older
    • A legal resident of Singapore – Singapore Citizen, PR, EP, EntrePass, S Pass, or DP holder.

    Can the company secretary also be a company director?

    If a company has multiple directors, one of them can also assume the role of company secretary. However, if there’s only one director, they cannot act as the company secretary.

    What is the difference between a secretary and a director?

    Directors are responsible for ensuring the company’s optimal performance and achievement of its objectives. Meanwhile, the company secretary assists directors in meeting their goals by ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory policies.

    What are the typical qualifications of a company professional secretary?

    Qualifications for a company secretary may include:

    • A degree in Law
    • Certified Accountant registered with Accountants Act (Cap. 2), Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore, Association of International Accountants (Singapore Branch), or Institute of Company Accountants, Singapore
    • Chartered secretary or administrator who is a member of the Singapore Association of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators

    What are the company secretary’s roles and responsibilities?

    The primary duties of a company secretary encompass:

    • Maintaining and updating the company’s statutory registers
    • Planning, preparing, and documenting board meetings
    • Updating company details such as address and share transfers to ACRA within specified timelines
    • Timely filing of all necessary documents as required by law
    • Preparation and submission of annual returns to ACRA
    • Safekeeping and appropriate use of the company seal
    • Ensuring adequate insurance coverage for the company and its employees
    • Advising the board of directors and shareholders on their roles, responsibilities, and compliance requirements
    • Serving as a point of contact for shareholders and maintaining regular communication

    These responsibilities may vary based on the company secretary’s employment contract.

    How much does it cost to have a company secretary?

    The expense of hiring a company secretary provider varies based on the selected services. Basic packages typically start from $300 to $400 annually, while more extensive packages range between $600 and $700 per year. Additional charges may apply for non-routine secretarial services.

    What kind of secretarial services will be chargeable?

    Generally, corporate secretary service packages encompass routine tasks such as maintaining company registers, filing annual returns, preparing documents for AGMs, and reporting changes to ACRA. Non-routine services like corporate tax submission, opening corporate bank accounts, changing bank signatories, and company striking-off may incur additional fees.

    Which companies are exempt from appointing a company secretary?

    Under Singapore company law, both private and public companies are mandated to appoint a company secretary. However, sole proprietorships and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) do not require a company secretary.

    How can I change my company secretary in Singapore?

    If you wish to change your company secretary, follow these steps:

    • Obtain a resignation letter from your current company secretary.
    • Pass a directors’ resolution accepting the resignation and appointing the new secretary.
    • Complete Form 45B, confirming the new secretary’s consent to the appointment.
    • Submit the necessary documents to ACRA within 14 days to notify them of the changes.”