Singapore Company Secretarial Services

Timcole offers leading secretarial services to businesses of all types and sizes in Singapore. Here is a comprehensive overview of our services.

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Company Secretarial Packages

Every company registered and incorporated in Singapore is required to have an official secretary. That is according to Chapter 50 of the Singapore Companies Act, which states that a company should install a secretary within six months after company incorporation. This is because a company’s secretary is tasked with some of the most important responsibilities.

Basic Secretary

For companies with a stable and fixed structure


per annum

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  • Covers all compulsory annual compliance procedures (Annual Return Filing & AGM preparation)
  • Exclude Government Filing Fees & GST

What is NOT covered under this package

  • Non-Share related Changes: $50 per change
  • Share Related Changes (Per Shareholder, Exclude Stamp Duty): $100 per change
  • Additional Corporate Shareholder: $100 per Shareholder

Comprehensive Secretary

For companies with a stable and fixed structure


per annum

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  • Covers all compulsory annual compliance procedures (Annual Return Filing & AGM preparation)
  • Exclude Government Filing Fees & GST
  • Covers 2 changes to Company Name, Company Officers, Address, Business Activity, Particulars of Officers, Allotment of Shares, Transfer of Shares (Exclude Stamp Duty), Distribution of Dividend

The Importance of a Corporate Secretary and Why You Need One

A corporate secretary is considered a senior officer.
A secretary’s responsibilities include:

  • Ensure the company’s smooth running in according to the Singapore law and procedures
  • Ensuring that there is no breach of set rules and regulations

The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) consults with the secretary if there is any queries with the company’s accounting services. This is why you need the services of a professional secretarial services consultant.

What Do We Do For Secretarial Services

Timcole offers professional corporate secretarial services to businesses of all types and sizes in Singapore. We have a team of the finest professional secretaries trained and experienced in running different types of companies, ranging from startups to multinational corporations. We handle all aspects of the secretarial position to free up time and resources to assure your company’s smooth operation.

Handling company activities
Ensuring rule reminders
Board and general meetings
Management of shares

We also put all our resources up into maintaining your company’s important documentation. Our services are precise, and nothing gets past us no matter how complex your company’s affairs may be.

We file and maintain documentation such as:

  • Minute books and statutory register books
  • Share transfers, managers, directors, members of the board, secretaries, and auditors
  • Preparation and filing of directors’ report
  • Safe custody and proper use of the company’s seal
  • Reviewing developments in corporate governance
  • Assisting directors with respect to their duties and responsibilities

Our secretarial services and managerial resources far outdo any corporation’s in-house resources and we are always up-to-date with new developments in regulations.

Sample Documents

directors report
directors report
Minute books and statutory register books
statutory register books
Share transfers
Share transfers
company seal
company seal
corporate governance
corporate governance

Why Use Timcole's Secretarial Services?

Majority of companies incorporated in Singapore prefer hiring professional corporate secretarial services to getting an in-house secretary. It is more affordable and convenient this way.

Here are some of the benefits that come with outsourcing your company’s secretarial needs:

Ease of Use

One has to have a Professional Pin to become a company’s secretary and has to prove himself/herself to the regulatory authorities to acquire this PIN. It may take some time for an average person to acquire this PIN, but corporate secretary service providers have whole teams with PINs authorizing them to carry out all secretarial tasks and services.

Saving Time

How long would your company be willing to wait to train an in-house secretary? It would be easier to acquire the service of a professional secretarial service provider. What’s more, a professional secretary will be precise and less likely to make mistakes that can set the affairs of your business back days, weeks, and even months.

Saving Money

The cost of maintaining an in-house secretary is astronomical compared to the cost of acquiring the services of a professional secretarial company. Service providers have all the resources required to run secretarial work, so you don’t have to spend money getting your own. Other costs are also shared, so you will pay a fraction of whatever you would be spending on an in-house secretary.

Ensuring Precision

A secretary is tasked with some of a company’s most sensitive tasks. There is no room for making mistakes, as mistakes can cost you time and get you into trouble with ACRA. In-house secretaries may feel burdened by such responsibilities, but corporate secretarial service providers have all the resources and experience to handle such responsibilities and go a step further. All the affairs of your company will run smoothly.

Free Consultation

Our resources are at your disposal once you acquire our services. Giving you free consultations on all issues to do with the corporate secretarial is the least we can do. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time and our team of highly knowledgeable customer care team will help.

Qualified Secretaries

The work of a corporate secretarial demands a smart mind capable of handling the pressure that comes with it. We recruit only the best qualified secretaries in Singapore. All our secretaries are not only qualified but also experienced in working for all types and sizes of corporations. They will always go a step further when it is necessary to further the company’s agenda.

One-on-One Dealings

We take your company’s best interests to heart. Our secretaries will work closely and directly with you to facilitate the company’s smooth running.