Non-Routine Secretarial Services

Along with corporate routine secretarial services, Timcole also provides assistance to other non-routine tasks. These include a Change of Directorship, Transfer of Shares, Allotment of New Share Capital, Striking-off Services, etc. Under such circumstances, there will be a small nominal fee that will be payable by our clients.

The following table summarizes the various non-routine tasks and our fee for each work:-




1 Opening of Corporate Bank Account $50
2 Change of Bank Signatories $50
3 Closing Bank Account $50



1 Transfer of Share

  • <18 Months without commercial property
0.35% of share transfer amt (min $10) + $50 / pax

  • >18 Months, based on last FR
  • With accumulated losses
0.35% of share transfer amt (min $10) + $50 / pax) or tax calculator (Whichever is higher)
  • With accumulated profit
(Refer to Stamp Duty Calculator)
2 Appointment of Company Secretary $50 / per person
3 Appointment of Director $50 / per person
4 Resignation of Company Secretary $50 / per person
5 Resignation of Director (Excluding Removal of Director) $50 / per person
6 Change of Registered address $50
7 Change of Financial Year End with ACRA & IRAS (subject to approval) $150
8 Change of Beneficial Owners, Registrable Controllers and Nominee Director $50 per Individual



1 Increase Paid Up Capital/ Issue new shares / Allotment of shares $60
2 EGM Declare of Director Fees $50
3 SSIC Change / Update Personal Status $50
4 Addition of New Shareholder $50 / per person
5 Resignation of Shareholder $50 / per person
6 Simplified filing of Annual Return and Annual General Meeting + Corporate Tax Filing (Financial Statement, if any, will be solely prepared by the client.)
*This fee does not include checking of the financial report.
*If checking id required, additional fee applies
7 Change of Company Name $70
8 Amendment of Articles of Association
(Limited to 2 clauses)
$100 / 2 clauses
9 Amendment of Articles of Association
(Complex cases will need to quote separately)
Quote Separately
10 EGM Removal of Director Quote Separately
11 Strike off Company (strike off accounts, 12 month) $900
12 Appointment of auditor $200
13 Attend Meeting (AGM/EGM) by Corporate Secretary $250 per hour. (exclude Travelling expenses)
14 To convene AGM/EGM at Timcole’s office $150 per hour
15 To record the meeting minutes From $100
16 Declaration for Dividend $50 per Shareholder
17 Time Extension for AGM and Annual Return Filing (2 Months) $250



1 Declaration of Interim Dividends $50
2 Filing of Errors $100 – $150
3 Transportation $50 per trip for signing of documents
4 Apply Waiver of Form C for Dormant Companies $200
5 Prepare Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet for Dormant Companies $150
6 Prepare Consolidated Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet for Group of Companies $900 and above
7 Compilation of unaudited financial statement & Corporate tax filling (for Exempt Private Companies)

  • Basic FS Compilation (Financial Statements provided by client)
  • FS compilation with XBRL (Financial Highlights)
  • FS compilation with XBRL (Full)
8 Statutory audit checks with auditor $200 – $400
9 E-Stamping Fees $50

The above fees as listed in Annex “A” includes ACRA fees but exclude GST, penalties, IRAS stamp duty and other miscellaneous cost.

Fees are charged per person basis and not per transaction basis.

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