Self-Inking Rubber Stamp

Timcole specializes in self-ink stamp whether round or rectangle for company stamping uses.
Walk in to our office to make Instant Self Inking Stamp in just 10 Mins!!!
Instant FAST Collection .  Open Mon – Friday
Conveniently beside Peninsula Plaza (Cityhall MRT)

DF 26

Buy 1 @ $24.90/piece

Buy 2 @ $17.90/piece

DF 35

Buy 1 @ $29.90/piece

Buy 2 @ $20.90/piece


Buy 1 @ $30/piece

Buy 2 @ $27/piece


Buy 1 @ $35/piece

Buy 2 @ $32/piece

Highest range of customisable rubber stamps

Our self-inking rubber stamps is very popular among medical practitioners, professionals, small and big business, government entities and even can be used in house hold purposes.

Use of both traditional and latest technology

To manufacture and design our customer’s top quality rubber stamp, we use either the traditional polymer technology or the latest laser technology depending on the customisations needed on the stamp. Using this technology we can create rubber stamps of all shapes and sizes while capturing even the minute details.

Delivered at your door step

Any custom designed stamp ordered through our e-commerce website, email or phone is delivered at our customer’s door step. We ship the rubber stamps in turnaround time to island wide Singapore, delivery fee applied.