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Timcole has partnered with Host Chipmunk to provide you the most affordable and fastest SSD hosting for your business website.

Hosting Plans

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About Host Chipmunk

Host Chipmunk is a leading SSD host provider in Singapore. Unlike traditional HDD hosting, Host Chipmunk’s SSD hosting is guaranteed to outperform and load much faster. The Singapore based company also places vast amount of emphasis on customer care. It strives to respond to your enquiry in no time and offers unique packages tailored for your business needs.

Why Host Chipmunk?



100% SSD Host Chipmunk offers SSD hosting, a much faster and consistent option compared to HDD hosting.
Free SSL A free SSL certificate is provided to your domain to ensure safe data transmission between your website and other browsers. It also enhances security against data theft and breach.
Daily Backup Your website is backup daily to protect you from unexpected crashes or intruder attacks resulting in data loss.
Non-Resource Sharing Rest assured that its VPS hosting solution runs on SSD and no account could ever crash the whole server.
Scalability Depending on the plan you choose, enjoy more bandwidth and RAM.
VPS Performance Host Chipmunk’s high performing VPS can provide you a personal workspace at an affordable price.