Corporate Income Tax Filing – Adopters of Seamless Filing from Software to Enjoy Additional Benefits from 2023

SINGAPORE: To support more companies and tax agents to adopt seamless filing from software for greater productivity, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) is pleased to announce two new benefits for those filing Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Returns (Form C-S) seamlessly from software for the Year of Assessment (YA) 2023 to YA 2025. The…

Couple Convicted for Multiple Tax Evasions

SINGAPORE: Lim Meng Fatt and Gan Bee Bee, both aged 53, have been convicted by the Court today for tax evasions of Income Tax and Goods & Services Tax (GST), as well as fraudulently de-registering their company Wan Lin Healthcare Centre Pte Ltd (“Wan Lin”) from GST when in fact the company was still liable…

Tax Filing Due Dates in Singapore For 2023

As a Singaporean adult or corporate entity, you must know when to file your taxes. This prevents you from falling foul of requirements and being forced to pay penalties or answer a summon for something that could easily have been fulfilled. As a result, this article goes into great detail about when and how individuals…

Types of Taxes That Businesses Need to Pay in Singapore

Singapore has long been a popular tourist destination due to its favourable policies for residents, but it has equally attracted business owners. The reason is not far-fetched. Singapore is now also known for its fair policies toward foreign businesses, which typically take the form of reasonable tax rates and reliefs. Investors in small Asian countries…

When is the Best Time To Outsource Your Accounting Function?

When running a business, time is money, and every minute counts. As time passes, you will realise how much you need to get done but see yourself running out of time. For this reason, in recent times in the business world, outsourcing corporate operations has become a common practice. Accounting is one of the activities…

Your Guide to Finding Your Perfect Office Space in Singapore

It could be pretty stressful for entrepreneurs to find the perfect office space that meets all their desired specifications, which would only be the case if they weren’t armed with the right information. Your office environment, after all, plays a crucial role in your team members’ engagement, productivity and satisfaction and is a reflection of…

5 Quick And Easy Tips For Managing Your Company’s Payroll

Handling payroll can be exceptionally intricate, difficult, and very time-consuming, especially for SMEs. An extensive amount of time and resources are needed just to process the payroll of a small business, and it can become quite overwhelming with all the rules regarding taxes, fees, unemployment and any other government regulations. However, here are five quick…

Who is a Tax Resident and Non-Tax Resident of Singapore?

Certain conditions must be met to qualify for Singapore’s tax residency. Individuals and entities who meet these criteria are eligible for certain benefits that come with being a tax resident of the country. While Singapore’s tax policies cover both foreigners and citizens, being a tax resident allows you to benefit from lower tax rates and…

Keeping You Up To Date with Your Singapore Tax Identification Number (TIN)

If you plan to move to Singapore and set your base, you will be happy to know that residents are entitled to certain tax allowances on personal entities, with a graduated system ranging from 0% to 22%, determined by your income. Non-residents, however, pay a flat rate of 22%. When it comes to earnings and…

What is Common Reporting Standard (CRS)?

Like many other countries, Singapore’s government allows and encourages non-residents and businesses to open accounts and conduct business. These entities, however, are required to register for the Common Reporting Standard, or CRS. As a result, reports containing their account details are sent to their local tax administrators. The CRS is made to remove tax evasions,…

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